Established in August 2007, we are a British, innovative design company based in rural Leicestershire. We are a family business, a husband and wife team who pride themselves on customer service and understanding the needs of their customers.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints please do not hesitate to call, email or write to us. We pride ourselves on being very active on social media, if you would rather chat to us on facebook or twitter you will find us very quick to respond. We are at or @trabasack on twitter. Please use the 'contact us' form or email Duncan or Clare

The Trabasack range of lap desk travel bags enable you to work, eat and play anywhere. It is a complete modernisation of the oldstyle beanbag laptray, combining the modern look and style of a smart bag with the convenience of a laptray. The Trabasack range is registered with a European Community Design and a US Design Patent.

Our aim is to deliver British designed, quality products that are affordable, inclusive and smart.    

As an ethically aware and green company we seek to use recycled and sustainable products whenever possible. We have an enviromental and ethical sourcing policy to inform our business decisions.

As we are a social enterprise, our aim is to provide products that promote social inclusion. We also aim to donate 10% of our profits to charities and assist other social enterprises whenever possible. We do this through co-promotions and donations. We also obtain services from other social enterprises whenever possible. 

To view our awards please click on the link:

 Trabasack Awards.



Trabasack Products are either manufactured in the U.K by or through our agent, Buckingham Healthcare, in China. We work closely with our manufacturers to achieve leading edge, innovative products that are of a superior and consistent quality. Our manufacturers work to a strict ethical and environmental sourcing policy.