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Trabasack Curve, the world's only lap tray and bag

The original Trabasack.

Lap top lap tray rucksack bag
Streamlined and light weight.
Bigger than A4 size.
Trabasack Curve Connect, curved laptray bag with a velcro ready fabric surface

Has a 'Connect' surface, a soft fabric velcro 'sticky' tray covering.

With Trabasack Connect you can attach anything securely to the tray covering using 'hook tape' or stickers,
like T.V controls, mp3 player, games and toys.


This has a 'Connect'- super soft velcro ready tray.

With this product you can attach anything securely to its tray,
like your T.V controls, mp3 player, games and toys.

 Plain black 

side straps
Great for securing any of the Trabasack products to buggies or chairs. One set is included with Curve/Curve Connect Trabasacks. 
 Craft Tray Bag 

For images of the craft tray bag please click
Trabasack manifesto T shirt

Our T shirts are 100% sweat shop free organic cotton.

The black shirt shows slogans that are our 'Manifesto' in red and white lettering on the front and our logo on the back.

Here is a list of the slogans: Bag a table anywhere, Sing, Grow together, Sow, Sew, Global family, Love your neighbour, Level up a wonky world, Make music, Smile, Share, Make art not war, Access all areas, WAKE UP, Free hugs, Make things happen, Straight from the hip, Express yourself, Read more, Good as gold, Play games
Fits over the surface of a Trabasack Curve or Curve '|Connect' to help keep it clean.

Strong, thick, durable PVC.

Tested to comply with the same regulations as PVC table coverings.

Wipe clean or hand wash in soapy water.

Has a non slip webbing backing, so it is non slip on any flat surface. Fits easily inside a Trabasack when not in use.

12 month guarantee of quality.
 Trabasack 'Hook' tapes with stick on backing

120cms of hook tape. Excellent value. Sticks like Velcro to the Connect tray surface. 
Hydrant Sports 500ml Ergonomic reusable water bottle
Hang it, hook it, clip it, stash it in your trabasack! Never be thirsty or buy expensive, environment damaging bottled water again. It is tough and re usable again and again and again.

We have added it to our shop because, like our trabasacks, we use one everyday.

Attach the Sports Hydrant to bikes, belts, pushchairs, rucksacks, golf bags, school desks....